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  Powder Metallutgy  

The machine structural components made by powder metallurgy called sintered mechanical structure parts, referred to as sintered structural parts.
Sintered Fe-Cu Alloy and sintered Fe-Cu-C are the most application in the production of sintered structural parts.

CCT sintered nickel-steel parts have a relatively wide range of production applications.When the Ni content of sintered nickel steel below 15%, the mechanical properties increase with the Ni content increasing; while it is more than 15%, tensile strength reducing because of the Ni content increasing. The tensile strength of containing 25% Ni is same as 5%. Nickel scarce, prices high, generally for sintered parts manufacturing, the Ni content is not more than 5%.

CCT Fe-C alloy choosing the natural graphite of low ash content and small particles, for which with strong reaction and easily dispersed.
This sintered Fe-C alloy subject to strong response to reduce the iron oxide and cabon rapidly; Easily dispersion that mixed powder with good mobility and have a wide mix temperature range.

When adding the alloy elements Mo into sintered nickel steel, it can further increase the tensile strength. With more Molybdenum is mainly to increase the hardenability of sintered alloy. The combination of Ni and Mo can effectively prevent the pearlite transformation when cooling. Alloy steel contains Ni, C and Cu are to some extent the role of stable austenite.

The Mo, Si in stainless steel with the function of ferrite stability, for which it can change unstable austenite in powder particles into martensite in the compacting processing, powder particles hardening and pressing deterioration.

Ni is an effective element for austenite stability , so taking the content of high nickel and low carbon to prevent particles hardening and improve the powder particles compacting.

Powdered Metal Materials

A. Sintered Fe-Cu Alloy
B. Sintered Fe-Cu-C
C. Sintered Fe-Ni-C Alloy and Sintered Fe-Ni-Cu Alloy
D. Sintered Fe-C Alloy
E. Sintered Nickel-Copper-Molybdenum Steel
F. Sintered Bronze Alloy
G. Sintered Stainless Steel

Sintered Parts Series
Power Tools Parts, Auto Parts, Automobile Rotors, Motorcycle Parts, Engine Parts, Shock Absorber,
Compressor Parts, Sintered Gears, Hydraulic Pressure Parts, Garden Tools Parts, Home Appliances Parts,
Meat Chopper Parts, Lock Parts, Sewing Machine Parts, Textile Machine Parts
, Stainless Steel Parts, etc


































Powdered Metal Materials        
    Sintered Fe-Cu Alloy        
    Sintered Fe-Cu-C        
    Sintered Fe-Ni-C Alloy &
Sintered Fe-Ni-Cu Alloy
    Sintered Fe-C Alloy        
    Sintered Ni-Cu-Mo Steel        
    Sintered Bronze Alloy        
    Sintered Stainless Steel        
Sintered Parts        
          Shock Absorber Parts        
          Compressor Parts        
          Sintered Gear        
          Helical Gear        
          Bevel Gear        
          Lock Parts        
          Oil Pump Rotor        
          Pipe Fittings        
          Sprocket Parts        
          Hardware Parts        
          Pneumatic Tool        
          Stainless Steel Parts        
          Timing Pulley Parts        
          Transmission Parts        
          Sintered Hardened Steel        
          Sewing Machine Parts        
          Sintered Other Parts        
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